David Di Leva

  • Davide Private Car Service
  • Dreaming Amalfi Coast was set up by Davide (David in English).
    Davide was born in Naples but grew up in a small village called Positano which is about 30 minutes away from Sorrento. Davide is passionate about where he lives and he enjoys telling people about the area. He gives his personal insight in to the area and it's culture, art and history and his greatest passion of all, Southern Italian Cuisine.

    He makes sure that his company offers you an unforgettable experience and that you are totally at ease with absolutely no stress or strain. Davide started the company after previously working for many years in the industry.

    Because of his passion for driving and his love of the area he aims to give you a memorable experience while at the same time offering years of knowledge that made him one of the most popular drivers for his previous company.

    Davide's motto is:
    "Enjoy, relax and let me take care of everything!"

    And that is exactly what he does and he makes sure that all his drivers have the same knowledge and passion while making the customer feel at total ease.