Shore Excursions
Are you going on a cruise?

Have you decided what to do when you arrive at the port ?
Don’t fancy sharing a bus with many other passengers ? They why not contact us!

At Dreaming Amalfi coast we specialize in giving you a golden opportunity to see the area and get the most out of your day. You will see places that others won’t see and you will have total comfort and relaxation without worrying about finding the best seat on the bus or not getting the best pictures because many other people are in the way.
Furthermore should you meet someone on the ship and they would like to join you on your day out, then if there is the space in the car for extra passengers why not get in touch with us and they can come too and you will get to share the cost with them cutting the price right down for you and also for them.

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After spent unforgettable shore excursion we will drive back to the port.