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OUR AREA - Pompeii


Pompeii is the most famous archaeological site in the world that lies at the foot of the Volcano Vesuvius.

It became a Roman city in about 80 BC and grew into a flourishing city port. It was a prosperous resort and had numerous wealthy visitors. It contained wealthy villas, amphitheatre, 2 theatres and several temples along with its very own sophisticated aqueduct system. The Romans were ahead of their time.

In 62AD a severe earthquake struck the city and did significant damage. It took years to get the city back to how it was. In 79ad disaster struck again and Vesuvius erupted pouring thick, boiling lava all over the city. The inhabitants had little time to escape. The eruption buried the city and 20,000 inhabitants were blasted with temperatures of up to 250 degrees C. People hiding in stone buildings couldn’t escape from the heat. The lava preserved the city and it was left uncovered until 1748. From then on the site became so important with its discoveries that they were finding things all the time. A UNESCO world heritage site, Pompeii gives you the unique opportunity to see how the Romans lived. See their villas, theaters and shops and breath in life as it was then. You will need a minimum of 2 hours to see only highlights of the archeological sites.


Pompeii     €   11

Authorized guide can be organized at an extra cost

Kombo tickets for Herculaneum and Pompeii € 20

A minimum 2 hours tour is recommended and in 2 hours you will see only a part of this enormous site.

Under 18s and over 65s go free but will need to produce a valid European Passport